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American Mary (2012)


Jen Soska: ”This scene is one of my favorite scenes, if I need to pee while watching the screening I will have peed well before this scene. It was one of the scenes we we’re planning on shooting ages ago. It was originally going to be on the phantom (Camera), when the blood sprayed up it would just hold like a still photograph in the air. Katie was very nervous to shoot this because she said she’s not sexy and can’t dance, and obviously as you watch this its true. She’s not sexy.” Sylvia Soska: ”Yeah, that’s not sexy.” Jen Soska: ”Very hard to look at. Off camera Tristan Risk was coaching her through it, and saying stage hump, stage hump, sexy little mermaid, and it was absolutely exquisite. I mean you look at this and she is just a fucking living dream the way she looks.”

-American Mary No Holds Barred Australian Commentary.


Fairuza Balk

Johnny Depp testing out his”new” hands

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The Descent (Neil Marshall, 2005)

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I am crying, crying laughing!

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x-ray of a man’s healthy neck vertebrae